Dancehall Artist Jahshii’s Brother Shot and Killed In Grants Pen

Dancehall Artist Jahshii’s Brother Shot and Killed In Grants Pen

Dancehall artiste Jahshii’s brother was shot and killed in an early morning attack in the Grants Pen community in Kingston.

Sources confirmed that on Saturday (September 23, 2023) that David ‘Mosiah’ Clarke, 29, known in the community as Nutsy son and the brother of top-flight dancehall artist Jahshii, was killed at his home in Grants Pen by unknown gunmen. We’re told that armed men entered the community at approximately 2:05 a.m. on Saturday.

Residents say they heard loud explosions and called in police officers, who found the 29-year-old man in a pool of blood. Another man was reportedly shot but survived the attack.

The deceased man worked at a shop in the community owned by his father, Mervin Clarke, who is also Jahshii’s father. Police are actively investigating the killing to ascertain if there is a link to another murder earlier this year, as well as another shooting incident involving the dancehall artist.

Jahshii and his family have been under attack by gunmen since June of this year following the murder of businessman Omar ‘Romie’ Wright in the Grants Pen community. Some online reports alleged that Romie had a domestic dispute with Jahshii’s mother shortly before he was killed. Jahshii was questioned by the police investigators  in June, in the presence of his attorneys, Richard Lynch and King’s Counsel, Peter Champagnie.

A few weeks later, in July, Jahshii and his entourage were attacked by armed men in a drive-by shooting that left six of them hospitalized with injuries. The “Born Fighter” deejay, who had just left his birthday party at a club in Kingston, was not hurt in the shooting incident.

Jahshii has been keeping a low profile since that shooting incident in July. Detectives are now investigating his brother’s killing to ascertain if there is a link to the previous shootings.

The artiste parents also spoke out about the incidents while denying that he had anything to do with the killing of Romie. The artist has not spoken out about his brother’s killing.