Dancehall Artist Squash Arrested In Florida by ICE

Dancehall Artist Squash Arrested In Florida by ICE

Squash was arrested for immigration violation in Florida during recent crackdown by state government

Dancehall artist Squash has been arrested by border patrol agents in Florida over immigration breaches.

According to reports on Monday afternoon, Squash, whose real name is Andre Whittaker, remains in custody over immigration violations. Squash relocated to Florida sometime in 2021, but it seems that he has not been legally residing in the Republican state.

Sources said on Monday (May 22, 2023) that the artiste is being held at Krome Detention Center in Miami over issues relating to overstaying his work visa. His arrest comes amid concerns raised by the NAACP and other civil society groups over a new immigration law passed by Florida’s Governor, Ron DeSantis, which targets illegal immigration.

The law comes into effect in June, but the national guard and other authorities have been out in full force targeting public transportation and public places and other environments such as places of employment where persons are working illegally. The law also targets family members and friends and brings into effect a raft of new offenses for those who are caught with illegal persons.

As for Squash, it’s unclear what will be the outcome for him, but the artiste was recently named a suspect in a Lauderhill shootout.

The artiste had denied that he was involved in the incident urging that he was instead just working and focusing on music.

He left Jamaica sometime in late 2021 after things became heated in Montego Bay and rumors surfaced that he was an alleged violent producer and he was associated with gangs and lottery scamming.

In an interview with OnStage in 2022, the artiste said he had to leave Jamaica because of “corruption” and harassment from the “system.”

In the meantime, Squash is mourning the death of a member of his crew, Mad Daag6, who was shot and killed in Mount Zion in St. James earlier this month. In reacting to his friend’s death, the 6ixx leader says Mad Daag was the first person who believed in his as a artist and helped push his career.

Squash has also been releasing new music including his song “Style” with Codelank released last weekend. This month he also released “Tequila” and “Live Loud.”