Lisa Hyper Tattoo Dexta Daps Name On Her Body Confirms Relationship

Lisa Hyper Tattoo Dexta Daps Name On Her Body Confirms Relationship

Lisa Hyper has confirmed that she and Dexta Daps are in a relationship and that he was the father of her late son.

In several posts on Instagram, Hyper has gone to great lengths to ensure that the public knows that they are in a relationship. On Sunday night, she shared what looked like a tattoo of Dexta Daps’ name. The tattoo, which is located on her shoulders by the collar bone, has in cursive, “Louis Anthony Grandison Jr.”

The tattoo appeared fresh, with the edges still red. She also shared the picture with a caption of the family emoji. “#Prosperity. Lord, how long wilt thou look on? rescue my soul from their destructions, my darling from the lions,” she wrote.

In the comments, the artist was questioned by fans as to whether the tattoo was Dexta’s name or that of a junior, as there have been unconfirmed rumors that Hyper was pregnant, but at the late stage, she lost the baby. She has not addressed whether the baby was for Dexta Daps, but in the comments and posts on her account, she insisted that Dexta was her man.

“It is Jr a my man mi know him name,” she replied to a comment asking whether it was Dexta’s name- “A Dexta name that Bessie? But a Jr Mek mi leave rich ppl business yaah.”

Lisa Hyper tattoo
Lisa Hyper/Instagram

In another post, she shared a screenshot where she appeared to be arguing with a man about cleanliness. In the text exchange, a man accuses Lisa of being clean only when she is at Dexta’s home and not his.

In the meantime, Dexta Daps has not acknowledged Lisa Hyper, nor has he confirmed or denied that they are involved in a relationship. Some of Dexta Daps’ fans were also disgruntled at her sharing about her involvement with the artist.

“Lisa I know you want to stay relevant in this music business but this isn’t the way the boss is married and never talk about you or acknowledge you at all seek help because you are very talented,” one person told her.

“oh why dexta nah bring uh pon a stage show an give uh back uh career..mek dexta do a love song wid uh nuh mumma,” another said.

Some fans also supported the artist. “I love Lisa hype ..your the baddest artist in real life. don’t allow no one at all to bring you down got this girl , continue keep your head high sis .lisa hype to the world the baddest artist,” one told her.