Spice Reportedly Returns to The United States – Watch Video

Spice Reportedly Returns to The United States – Watch Video

Spice is reportedly back in the United States and was privately flown in by air ambulance from the Dominican Republic after undergoing surgery to correct a punctured intestine. It’s said that the Queen of Dancehall landed in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and while she was not looking her best, she was walking.

Spice was rumoured to be in a coma earlier this month following an alleged plastic surgery that ended badly. Many friends and fans took to social media to send well wishes and prayers for the artiste, who returned to social media almost a week ago to segregate the fake rumours from the truth. In her explanation, she said her hernia was damaged, which sent her body into sepsis, causing her to need surgery.

Although the Clockwork artiste did not go into detail about her medical ordeal, it is believed that she was undergoing cosmetic surgery in the Dominican Republic when complications caused her to suffer sepsis. According to radio broadcaster Ragashanti, the cosmetic surgeon, who operated on Spice, had reportedly only conducted that particular surgery twice in the past.

Ragashanti explained that during the alleged plastic surgery, Spice “suffered what the medical personnel are terming a perforated intestine,” which means that her intestine was punctured. This hole resulted in toxic contents from the intestine leaking into her abdomen and poisoning her. Sepsis, which is the body’s way of combating the toxic contents seeping from the intestine, can result in the loss of some bodily functions and organ failure. He continued by saying that a number of people have experienced a similar ordeal when undergoing plastic surgery. However, many individuals who experience this type of severe sepsis do not survive.

Watch the video of Ragashanti speaking about Spice below.