Spice And Justin Breakup?

Spice And Justin Breakup?

Rumours are circulating that Spice and her Rasta boyfriend are no longer together. The first talk of the alleged break-up started when YouTuber KingMixUp pointed out that Spice and Justin were no longer following each other on Instagram after Justin was allegedly seeing a wedding counsellor.

The claims about Justin receiving marital advice from a wedding counsellor comes from sources of the YouTuber, who said there was initially going to be a wedding, but things went south. However, with neither Spice nor Justin addressing these claims, people were doubtful until the Dancehall Queen posted some suspiciously supporting evidence.

On Spice’s Instagram page, which no longer has pictures of Justin, she reposted a video of her modelling on the red carpet at the Music Award ceremony in Las Vegas, Nevada April 3 when she was given the Black Women in Music Award.

The video that was posted with a motivational voiceover Sunday spoke on not feeling the need to fix everything that has been broken, saying, “You got to stop trying to fix things that you didn’t break. It is not your responsibility.” It continued to explain that some people are sometimes broken and indicated that persons should not break themselves trying to fix someone else.

Spice had also previously posted a video on her Instagram Story showing Young Miami’s concert where she was wearing a Jacket that had the bold words “F*CK LOVE GET MONEY” on the back, which might have just been a fashion choice or a statement on her love life.

While it could be a publicity stunt, fans are waiting to see how the love story unfolds.

Watch video below.