Beenie Man Spoils A Pot Of Rice And Peas (VIDEO)

Beenie Man Spoils A Pot Of Rice And Peas (VIDEO)

Anthony Moses Davis, better known by his stage name Beenie Man, made an attempt to cook rice and peas for his girlfriend, Camille Lee, but it didn’t go as according to plan.

“Di girl’s dem sugar” as his song says, went in the kitchen to make dinner, but the rice and peas were apparently overcooked.

“People mi put too much coconut inna di rice and peas. But yuh see dah rice and peas here yuh can eat it wid yuh hand,” he said and then demonstrated with his hand.

Camille commented on how soft the rice was but later added with a smile that she liked it because it gave her a “buzz”.

“A peas and coconut pudding,” Camille mocked and burst into laughter.

Check out the hilarious happenings below.