Cops Issued Summons For Beenie Man For Breaching DRMA With Illegal Party

Cops Issued Summons For Beenie Man For Breaching DRMA With Illegal Party

Beenie Man is reportedly wanted by the police for breaching the Disaster Risk Management Act (DRMA)- the law that has allowed the government to institute measures to stop social congregating, parties, and large gatherings due to the coronavirus pandemic spreading.

According to reports, the police have sent warnings to party promoters about promoting illegal entertainment events that breached the DRM Act. Police have singled out Beenie Man as one of the artistes for who a summons has been issued for.

“There is a summons in the possession of the police for Moses Davis o/c Beenie Man for a party held on the 29th of November,” Head of St. Elizabeth police Deputy Superintendent Narda Simms told Jamaican journalists on Thursday.

Parties and events with large gatherings are banned by the government, which has further tightened other measures for the holidays. According to the police- Beenie Man was seen in a 25 seconds video on social media promoting a New Year’s Eve party. Beenie says in the video, “St. Elizabeth if uno know weh the party deh reach, so you know say a New Year’s Eve and we haffi ring in the New Year nuh care weh who wan say……the party name 12-7,” he said.

This isn’t the first incident involving Beenie Man breaching protocols. The artiste had a birthday party earlier in the year in spite of parties being banned. Many of the people at his party were seen mingling without masks or social distancing. Additionally, the party numbers were above the 15 per gathering that the law allowed.

Many from the party – including some of Dancehall’s finest went into self-isolation following reports that some persons at the party later became sick with Covid-19.