Nicholas Lall Lawyers Up To Fight Rape Allegations Made By DHQ Danger, OnStage & Danger Respond

Nicholas Lall Lawyers Up To Fight Rape Allegations Made By DHQ Danger, OnStage & Danger Respond

Nicholas Lall has hired a team of lawyers to defend him against allegations that he had raped a former Team Spice dancer DHQ Danger, who came out last week to say that Lall allegedly raped her while on a Europe tour that Spice was performing on.

Lall had initially come on an Instagram live video with Nardo ‘RT Boss’ Smith in which he claimed that he did not give Danger oral sex, but rather he did have sex with her. In an almost boastful tone, Lall said, “yes, mi f**k Danger,” when RT Boss confronted him about his infidelities while with Spice.

However, it seems that Lall is serious about defending his name and has instructed his attorneys to block an interview with Danger by CVM’s On Stage with Winford Williams.

In a statement released on Saturday (December 19), On Stage via their Instagram page posted that the video recording of the interview had to be removed from their YouTube channel because of a potential legal dispute.

“Please accept our apologies for the sudden removal of the Danger interview from our YouTube channel. This, due to potential legal dispute involving On Stage TV and Attorney’s representing Nicholas Lall,” the statement read.

It continued, “we are in consultation with our lawyers and will keep you posted on further developments. In the meantime the video will remain private.”

Meanwhile, the videos of Danger’s live have also been removed from Danger’s page, including a number of videos where she made the allegations. It seems that potential suit possible from defamation claims by Lall has entered the forum.

Lall has claimed that he is innocent of the allegations and asked Danger to prove her allegations. Shortly after the revelations, Spice, who said she spoke to Danger and believed her, also promised that she would have stood by Danger in reporting to the police and prosecuting Lall if he is indeed guilty. Spice and Lall share two children.


Danger also reacted to the news from CVM. She shared in her stories that CVM contacted her to say that Lall’s attorney’s had caused the show to not broadcast on Saturday live and that they’d be in touch further.

Danger also vented on her stories saying “I’m so hurt only Goddddd knowwwwsss my pain, Nicholas Lall Senior, u are going downnnn, u too bloodclaat wicked p—s-hole, I hate you soooo much, johncroww, u naah get wehhh, God give me the strength to bring this man to justice, predator, raper, liar, manipulator, Father God, I did notttt trouble this mannnn, might God, u are Omnipotent, u are Great, u willllll help me in the name of Jesusss, u willll bloodclaat come to justice fucking liarrrrr.”

She also added, “I already know I should not say anything more, thanks for all your advice anyways can see you’re all trying to help, but me feel a way, was so upset had to express myself so all that off my chest leaning to the legal side now,” she said.

source: urbanislandz