Flippa Mafia returns to court on February 24th

Flippa Mafia returns to court on February 24th


Flashy dancehall recording artiste Flippa Mafia, aka Flippa Moggella, will face trial in a New Jersey court in April or May this year on cocaine peddling and money laundering charges.

He will return to court on February 24th.

“We are due in court on February 24 to handle several motions, at which time we expect to get a new trial date. Originally, the trial date was set for late January, but weather and other scheduling issues led the judge to postpone it,” Peter Aseltine, public information officer of the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office, told Claude Mills of Loop News.

“The new trial date will probably be sometime in April or May. The remaining defendants are Andrew Davis, Kemar Davis, Roger Davis, and Marsha Bernard, all of whom will be tried together. The charges have not changed,” Aseltine said.

The flamboyant artiste, whose given name is Andrew Davis, is charged with conspiracy to distribute cocaine, leading a narcotics organisation, possession with intent to distribute cocaine and money laundering. If convicted, he faces 25 years to life in prison.

Davis, and his brother Roger, were among 15 people indicted by a state grand jury in January 2014 in connection with an alleged international drug ring that used the postal service and other delivery services to ship cocaine from California to New Jersey. He was arrested on September 16, 2013 in a dragnet dubbed ‘Operation Next Day Air’.