Birdman Shut Out Of Nicki Minaj Pre-Grammy Party

Birdman Shut Out Of Nicki Minaj Pre-Grammy Party

Seems there might be some tensions brewing between Birdman and Nicki Minaj after rumors that she would be leaving Cash Money with Lil Wayne.

TMZ has reported that Birdman was denied entry into a pre-Grammy party that Nicki Minaj was hosting last night in West Hollywood.

The Cash Money honcho reportedly turned up at the club with a large entourage at 1:45 AM when the club was supposed to be closed at 2 AM. A bouncer at the door told him and his crew that he can’t go inside.

Things got a little heated but cops came on the scene to make sure that there was no incident. Birdman and his Rich Gang crew eventually left the scene.

One member of his crew told a persistent pap that the club was full. But speculations are that Nicki Minaj didn’t want him inside.