FIFA Issue Ban On Beats Headphones From World Cup

FIFA Issue Ban On Beats Headphones From World Cup

With millions watching the 2014 FIFA World Cup on their TV worldwide, the lovely game of soccer has become a hotbed for advertisers.

According to reports FIFA has issued a ban on Beats By Dr. Dre headphone due to its licensing deal with Sony.

Since the start of the World Cup earlier this month, soccer super stars including Neymar and and Uruguay’s Suarez have been spotted wearing the bulky high end headphones. But the sports governing body has ruled that players cannot wear the devices inside any official World Cup stadium.

As part of its licensing agreement with FIFA, Sony has provided each player with headphones to wear during the games.

On June 5th, Beats By Dr Dre, which was acquired by Apple, released a 5-minute commercial on YouTube. The video has since amassed over 18 million views on YouTube.