World Cup could cut crime in Jamaica

World Cup could cut crime in Jamaica

Chad Bryan,‎ Gleaner Writer
KINGSTON, Jamaica:

As the world keeps glued to the spectacle unfolding in Brazil for the next month, at least one psychologist is of the view that petty crimes in Jamaica will be reduced during the period.

Dr Leachim Semaj believes people’s energies will be so focused on the World Cup that there will be less time for them to commit crimes.

“Something significant as the World Cup, I believe would provide some kind of deflection, something that draws on the energy and the competitive urges. So my anticipation in the next month is that we will have less crime,” Semaj said.

According to him, crimes of opportunity and petty crimes are those that are likely to be reduced.

However, he says issues relating to crimes of passion will still remain.

“You are going to have your crimes of passion, your domestic violence,” he pointed out.

In an article in the The Guardian this past Sunday, the United Kingdom (UK) police expressed fear about an increase in domestic violence during the World Cup.

According to a research referenced in the article, domestic violence rose after each England game.

It has been predicted that the match between England and Italy today could see the highest ever World Cup-related rise in domestic violence across the UK.

At the same time, Semaj has pointed out that he would not be surprised if there were a few big robberies.

“There are those big time criminals who will use the distraction of the games to plan certain activities,” he said.

However, the head of the Organised Crime Investigation Division, Senior Superintendent of Police Clifford Chambers says there is usually a dip in major crimes during big sporting events.

He said the reason for this was unknown because no study has been done.