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@MarlonFamous #FAMETuesdays Season 2 – April 8th

LTP_7123 [Irie Top]

Major Video Year 2 Year Khaki Affair @ Red Velvet Lounge, Bridgeport Ct


Mr.kool Alongside Heather Presents Their First Annual Unity Is Strength @ Eye Adome, Bronx Ny


Tina Go Getta Bronx Biz To Biz Round Robin @ Xpressions Lounge, Bronx Ny


Chippy Black And White Birthday Bash @ Laroose Catering Hall, Bronx Ny

LTP_5386 [Irie Top]

Lady Escalade Birthday Party @ Lornas Place, Queens Ny

LTP_5065 [Irie Top]

Sound Fi Dead Sound Clash @ Laroose Catering Hall, Bronx Ny

LTP_4640 [Irie Top]

Rocatone And Irie Dale Year To Year White T-Shirt And Blue Jeans Affair @ Laroose Hall Bronx Ny

LTP_4172 [Irie Top]

Kiesha Browning Birthday Party Remix @ KMC, Bronx Ny

LTP_3897 [Irie Top]

@MarlonFamous #FAMETuesdays Season 2 – March 18