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Locksey From Chillz Family Red And Black Affair @ Garage Night Club


Dubbmaster Chris Birthday Party – Welcome To The Dub Club @ Mingles Night Club, Bronx Ny


Battle Of The Hawks Sound Clash – Young Hawk Versus Silver Hawk @ Garage Night Club


Errol From Mingles Year To Year Black And White Affiar 2014 @ Mingles Cafe,Bronx Ny


Face Blast Promotions Money Pull Up Hardcore Juggling – Mighty Crown, Pink Panter, Fire Links @ Laroose, Bronx Ny


Irie Dale Birthday Party 2014 @ Mingles Night Club

LTP_3935 [Irie Top]

Major Video Ent Year To Year All Black Everything Birthday Party 2014 @ Red Velvet, Bridgeport CT

LTP_3534 [Irie Top]

Hasson From Pikture Perfect Black Is Beautiful Birthday Party @ The Mansion, Mt Vernon Ny

LTP_2826 [Irie Top]

Mingles Halloween Party @ Mingles Cafe, Bronx Ny

LTP_2146 [1280x768]

Face Full Blast Promotions Presents Icons At War – Downbeat, Metro Media, Black Scorpio @ Laroose Catering Hall,Bx Ny