SINGER Omi made reggae history last weekend when his song Cheerleader topped the United Kingdom pop chart for a fourth straight week.

This is the longest reign at number one in the UK by a Jamaican artiste. Cheerleader was recently certified platinum for sales of over 600,000 copies in that country.

So far, the song has sold more than 1.9 million copies worldwide. It is currently making moves on Billboard Magazine’s main charts.

It is number 31 in its third week on the Billboard Hot 100; number 29 on the Dance/Mix Show Airplay; number 31 on the Mainstream Top 40; and number 28 on the Rhythmic chart.

Cheerleader has also topped charts in 12 countries, including Australia, Germany, Sweden and Denmark.

The song has sold over 600,000 copies in Germany. Twenty-eight year-old Omi, who is from Clarendon, was presented with a plaque commemorating that milestone on Saturday shortly after his performance at a football match, at the Allianz Arena in Munich, between champions Bayern Munich and Mainz.

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Chris Brown And Tyson Beckford Beefing Over Karrueche Tran

Karrueche Tran has a new man that could be beefing with Chris Brown. Tyson Beckford has yet to respond to a subtle jab from Brown over a selfie he posted with Chris Brown ex-girlfriend.

This big drama started over Memorial Day Weekend when Tyson Beckford posted a selfie on Instagram of himself and Karrueche Tran hanging out in Las Vegas.

One of Chris Brown people name Kidred on Instagram quickly posted a threat to Beckford and Brown cosigned it.

“Memorial Day Weekend aka the ni**as will be out… We just came to party tho, unless a ni**a wanna trys us and that includes all u model ni**as “Cough Cough #TysonBeckford. We see everything Lil ni**a.

Chris Brown Commented on the post with an emoji that cosigned it.

Chris Brown and Tyson Beckford fans immediately started going at it but Brown then posted a old photo of himself with the caption, “#SF500 #dontplayyaselfP.”

LTP_5028 [800x600]

Avril From Gooddine Orange And White Affair 2015 @ SummerSet Hall, Bronx Ny


Roots Reggae Singer Warrior King delivers solid performance in Mexico

Roots reggae singer Warrior King is in Mexico on a one-month promotional tour.

The Aint Giving Up singer was billed on the event alongside headliner, London-based reggae singer Macka B, and performed at the rocking Playa del Carmen beachside concert in front of a capacity audience of predominantly Mexican people, who have been showing increasing favour towards foundation reggae music.

Although this was not Warrior King’s first trip to that Spanish-speaking country, it was undoubtedly his best experience so far. The artiste performed for an entire hour and the fans – some of whom were ‘discovering’ him and others who remembered his from a previous visit – were very receptive, surprising him by singing many of the songs word-for-word. In fact, so good was the response that the promoter has invited Warrior King to come back in August, when he will perform in a more official capacity in the capital, Mexico City.

Warrior King, who admits that he knows Spanish and has been practising the language quite a bit lately, feels that his ability to break into the Mexican market is due largely to the fact that although he is still relatively young, his voice has that “foundation reggae feel” and his music and lyrical content are conscious roots reggae.

“From what I can see, the Mexicans appear to have a preference for roots reggae and they listen to a lot of music from foundation artistes. Of course, Bob (Marley) is way up there and so too are artistes like Dennis Brown and Culture,” Warrior King explained.

“I made the most of this opportunity by staying back at the event to sign autographs, take pictures with fans and encourage the fans to purchase my merchandise. I feel really good about this exposure and I know that the fans will spread the word,” added King, whose promo tour has been going exceptionally well.

In addition to providing quality entertainment for fans in Mexico last Sunday, the reggae singer has made stops in San Diego Beach, Tahoe City in California, Mills Valley, Cataluma, Laguna Beach, Nevada City and New Orleans, where he also quietly tapped into the college circuit. He noted that while not all the venues were capacity filled, one sure sign of success is that all the promoters have invited him back for subsequent shows.

He also did collaborations with artistes Jah Sun from Arcadia and Nico Marks from Los Angeles, both of whom did shoots for music videos for the songs. Warrior King also did a third video shoot, this time on his own for the newest single, Same Source, from his upcoming album Rootz Warrior. He wraps up this leg of this “feel-good” promo tour with an appearance at the spectacular Best of the Best Festival at Bayfront Park, Miami Beach, Florida on May 24.

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Jamaica rejects buggery law repeal, same-sex marriage

KINGSTON, Jamaica – Minister of Justice, Senator Mark Golding, says that the Government has rejected suggestions from United Nations member states to repeal current buggery legislations and legalise same-sex marriages.

In a statement to the Senate today on the United Nation’s recent periodic review of Jamaica’s human rights record, Senator Golding said that there were “recurring recommendations made by some member states that did not enjoy Jamaica’s support”.

He said that there were repeated calls by some UN member states for Jamaica to repeal the buggery law, as it is seen as discriminatory to the Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, and Transgender (LGBT) Persons.

Coupled with this, he said, was the continued request by some of the member states to legalise same sex marriage and grant more rights to LGBT communities.

“I assured the Council that the Constitution of Jamaica guarantees basic human rights to all Jamaicans, and indicated further that, in order to create greater understanding of the concerns of the LGBT community, several initiatives have been put in place,” Golding said.

“I informed the Council that the Jamaica Constabulary Force’s Diversity Policy aims to eliminate all forms of discrimination and inequitable treatment toward members of the public, and guides members of the police force in their professional dealings with persons of particular groups, including LGBT people,” he added.

The UN Universal Periodic Review (UPR) of Jamaica’s human rights record was undertaken by its Human Rights Council (HRC) between May 4 and 15. The result of each review is reflected in an “outcome report” listing the recommendations the State will have to implement before the next review.

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Reggae/Dancehall Star I-Octane feeling “inspired” after School Tour

Fresh from a whirlwind school tour which saw him in full inspiration mode, dancehall artiste I-Octane is ready to hit the road with renewed vigour.

I-Octane noted that although the main aim of the school blitz was to inspire the students, he admitted that he himself has been inspired by the students at Lennon, Claude McKay, Titchfield and Robert Lightbourne High Schools, and he is even more motivated to be the best role model that he can possibly be.

“If only we as artistes fully comprehend the great responsibility that we have to these young mind. These kids see us as little gods who can do no wrong, so whatever message we send out there through our lyrics and our behaviour, that is exactly what they are going to run with. When I spoke to the students about the importance of getting a good education, I could see them listening attentively and I hope that even one person will be motivated to start getting higher grades and aim for the stars,” I-Octane said passionately.

He added, “I was really moved by these kids. At one school it started to rain during my performance and nobody moved – not even the teachers. I want to say a big shout out to all the students and teachers of the schools we visited and thank them for their hospitality. And to the generous sponsors – Digicel, Busta Soft Drinks, Di Unit Sound System, Good Good Productions, Coke Lines Transportation Services and HEART Trust NTA – more love, because without them this tour wouldn’t have been possible.”

Now back to his full-time job, first up on I-Octane’s busy calendar is the More Life concert in London scheduled for the O2 Academy Brixton on May 24. This marks the first time in two years that the dynamic entertainer is performing in London and Octane is just as excited as his legions of fans, who have been expressing their anticipation. He returns to the island in time for the Star awards, in which he is nominated in three categories and is also among the night’s performers.

The workaholic entertainer is also putting the finishing touches to his third studio album, which takes its title from his trademark slang, Everthing Correck. Produced by Marcus Myrie, the son of iconic deejay, Buju Banton, Everthing Correck is a masterpiece production from the young Myrie. The first single, Don’t Stop the Vibes, has already been causing a stir since its release and the accompanying music video has already been packaged.

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Buju Banton On Why He Gave Up And Decides To Serve Full Sentence

Buju Banton has thrown in the towel and scraped all future plans of filing another appeal for a release from prison.

The Grammy-winning reggae singer strike a deal with US Attorney office barring him from filing future appeal and in return for the dismissal of a gun charge.

Since the news broke last week, Buju Banton fans have been sounding off on social media on why he took the deal.

Sources connected to the “Driver” singer told Urban Islandz that it was his best option.

“Buju fought a good fight and it all came down to choosing the lesser of two evil,” sources told us.

“The state was preparing to go after him on the gun charge which could have added five more years to his sentence if they had gotten a conviction. Buju has under four more years on his current sentence and his appeals were going nowhere so it wasn’t a case of him giving up, its a case of doing the smart thing,” our source said.

“The system was against the Gargamel from day one and even while behind bars the system was still trying to break him. Buju is a strong and positive youth so you can expect to emerge stronger from this.”

Buju Banton, born Mark Myrie, is currently serving 10 years in prison for drug trafficking following a 2011 conviction. He is scheduled for release in February 2019.

Urban Islandz sources also told us that Buju Banton is currently doing a degree behind bars and writing a lot of music.

“You can look out for the best of Buju Banton music when he leaves prison and
return to Jamaica,” Urban Islandz sources said.

Buju Banton won a Grammy award for Best Reggae Album in 2011 for his critically acclaimed album Before The Dawn.

source: urbanislandz