Usain Bolt Expecting First Child With GF Kasi Bennett, Shares Pregnancy Photos

Usain Bolt Expecting First Child With GF Kasi Bennett, Shares Pregnancy Photos

Congratulations to Usain Bolt and Kasi Bennett, who are expecting their first child!

Usain Bolt is about to be a proud father soon. The famous couple made the announcement in A-list fashion with a gorgeous pregnancy reveal photoshoot. In the beautiful pictures that they shared online, Kasi was styled in a stunning multilayered red dress that accentuates her beautiful bump. The images taken by professional photographer Adrian McDonald otherwise known as The Magician were captured on a beach and on a yacht.

Kasi Bennett took to Instagram to share the reel with the caption, “Our biggest blessing.” In her second post, she wrote, “Our greatest celebration” alongside a photo of her flared red dress cascading over the bow of the yacht as she holds a festival of balloons above her head. In the final post that she shared, the marketing director said, “Our golden child Coming soon.”

Usain Bolt also took to social media to share one of the snapshots that saw Kasi on the beach at sunset, cradling her bump with one hand as she showed off the layers of her dress with the other, revealing her flawless legs and curvature. Bolt captioned the jaw-dropping photo, “I just want to say a KING or QUEEN is about to be HERE.”

While the couple did not reveal much else besides the fact that they are expecting, it’s safe to say that Kasi is at least three months pregnant based on the size of her bump and because it is the norm for a woman to at least wait until she has ended her first trimester to make an announcement.

Usain previously admitted that he waited all this time to start a family because he wanted to make sure it was with the right person. Now that he and Kasi Bennett have been together for over 6 years, some fans are speculating that they might have already secretly tied the knot based on the Olympic superstar athlete’s viewpoints on making everything right before having three kids. The first of the bunch is finally arriving this year. Congratulations again to the happy couple.