US citizen who overstayed time in Jamaica, ordered deported

US citizen who overstayed time in Jamaica, ordered deported

Omar Cogle was a minor when he was shipped to Jamaica by his parents.

The United States-born Cogle is now 22, and was arrested by police for breaches of the Immigration Act.

He overstayed his welcome after being given six months to stay in Jamaica.

When he appeared before Senior Parish Judge, Vaughn Smith, in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court on Friday, he explained that he was a victim of financial wrangling between his parents.

“Yes sir, I overstayed my time,” the now Cogle told the judge.

“Why?” the judge asked.

“My mother wanted money from my father, so she took me when I was 16,” he said.

Then his mother was asked by Judge Smith to explain why Cogle had overstayed his time.

“He didn’t want to come to Jamaica, your honour, but the Children Services in America wanted to put him in a foster home and he was staying with his cousin, so I took him,” the woman responded.

“You want to stay here, sir?” the judge asked Cogle.

“No sir,” he replied.

“You want to go back to America?” Smith asked.

“Yes sir,” Cogle replied

The judge then issued a removal order for Cogle, and instructed his mother to quickly purchase a ticket so her son could leave the island as soon as possible, as he would be remanded in custody until travel arrangements were finalised.

Cogle was admonished and discharged of the case against him. This means no criminal record will be held against his name.