Police in Jamaica issue warning for licensed firearm holders

Police in Jamaica issue warning for licensed firearm holders


The police have urged licensed firearm holders to be careful at all times, and to fully comply with the safety guidelines for the use and care of their weapons.

Licensed firearm holders are also being reminded to adhere to the rules governing the safekeeping and storage of guns, especially when they travel or visit venues where firearms are not allowed.

In an advisory, the police said leaving weapons in safes at home that do not have proper security arrangements, and leaving weapons in cars, are both unsafe practices that can results in the weapons are not allowed.

And licensed firearm holders have been urged to take note and desist from both practices.

The police said the rules are especially important as firearms become a risky proposition in the possession of criminals and other unauthourised persons.

In addition, the police said disregard for the rules governing the holding of a firearm licence could result in licenced firearm holder being charged with breaches of the Firearms Act.




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