Sean Paul’s Dad Gets Life Saving Blood After Artist Plea

Sean Paul’s Dad Gets Life Saving Blood After Artist Plea

Sean Paul can now breathe a sigh of relief following a successful blood drive for his ailing father.

The dancehall legend went on Instagram last week and plead with his fans and his fellow dancehall friends to donate blood to a hospital in Kingston where his dad, Garth Henriques, is currently hospitalized for the past two weeks. His fans and a few local celebrities answered the call and participated in a blood drive at the National Chest Hospital in St. Andrew on Thursday. The effort was a collaboration between Sean Paul and the National Blood Transfusion Service of Jamaica.

“Greetings, I am presently at the University Hospital of The West Indies where my paps has been fighting for his life humbly for the past,” Sean Paul said. “We’ve been asking family and friends to come and give blood if they can but right now he is in dire need of blood so if anybody can come and give blood I would greatly appreciate it.”

In his post on social media last week, Sean Paul went public about his father’s health while asking his local fans to go and donate blood that could help save his old man’s life. “MY POPS HAS BEEN ILL IN HOSPITAL THE PAST 2 MONTHS,” the dancehall legend wrote. “ITS PART OF THE REASON IVE NOT BIN SO PRESENT ON SOCIAL MEDIA. HE IS GARTH HENRIQUES AND IS IN DIRE NEED OF GETTING O NEGATIVE BLOOD. IF U ARE IN JAMAICA AN CAN HELP I WOULD GREATLY APPRECILOVE THE HELP. U CAN GO 2 UWI HOSPITAL BETWEEN 930AM AND 330PM 2 GIVE BLOOD. OR ANY OTHER BLOOD BANK ISLAND WIDE AN GIVE BLOOD 2 HIS ACCOUNT.”

source: urbanislandz
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