Troy Ave Says Loyalty To The Street May Cost Him 20 Years In Prison

Troy Ave Says Loyalty To The Street May Cost Him 20 Years In Prison

Troy Ave says he is fighting for his life and it’s all because he has been keeping it real.

Last year, the New York rapper came under fire from fans and even some of his rap peers like 50 Cent for hinting that he may take the witness stand in TaxStone’s nurder trial and snitch. Now we all know that snithing is frown in hip hop culture and in the streets it’s even a more serious offense, regardless if your snitching on your friend or enemy.

Troy Ave is now saying he is done keeping it real because he is facing 20-40 years in prison just because he has been loyal to the street and he hasn’t gotten anything in return but heartaches. “I Got arrested, Stayed in jail to “Kept it Real” cause I believed In “The Streets,” Troy Ave wrote. “#StreetsSay: Ya Friends/Homies “Suppose To” “handle business & put in work” while u down!? #StreetsSay: If u all get pulled over Ya homies “Suppose to” take the charge 4 u cause the “Money Earner / Provider” so business can continue. Streets lied, this was Myth, when the pressure was on, I’m the only one who performed, all the homies & friends where out for they self, saying things like, I got kids, I can’t go to jail.”

“Im fighting for My freedom because of a “HATER , STALKER or the “cooler new word” a TROLL” it’s all the same and it’s all fake!” he continues. Troy Ave says he already spends $2 million on his case and it could cost him a lot more as well as his freedom.

“Now it might cost me 20-40yrs in Jail at least another 5MILLION dollars plus the career that I built from nothing against the odds for a Hater That’s POINTING THE FINGER at me,” he said. Here is his full post below.

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